Extrait du commentaire de l’auteur (Intégral en Anglais ci dessous)

Cette vidéo est le résultat de nombreuses nuits blanches, des centaines de milliers de photos et d’innombrables heures de prise de vue. Par exemple, le tir de milkyway à 1′ 23″ a été le résultat d’un tournage de quatre jours  …. Mais en quatre jours tout ce que je réussis à capturer était une séquence de 50 images. Vous pouvez me contacter à paul@agour.co.uk – La musique est «All Or Nothing ‘par Reaktor Productions.

After over two years of shooting timelapse professionally, I decided it was time to create a video highlight my favourite work to-date. The variety from job to job still surprises me, everything from football matches to year long construction projects. This video showcases the results of many sleepless nights, hundreds of thousands of photos, and countless hours shooting. I couldn’t even begin to calculate how many hours of work there will be showcased in this piece, but I imagine it’s into the hundreds, if not thousands of hours.

Shooting timelapse requires a lot of patience and forward thinking. Some shots took multiple attempts to get the right light, others required whole days just to capture a few seconds of footage. There’s a careful balance of trying to predict the future, and just being determined enough to do everything it takes to get the shot.

For example, the milkyway shot at 1:23 was the result of a four day shoot chasing the milkway in Wales. I stayed up every night, driving around trying to find clear patches in the night sky.. But in four days all I managed to capture was a sequence of 50 images.

Footage was collected in various locations around the world, and was shot for a variety of clientele. As such some footage is signed into exclusivity agreements; however other footage is available for licensing.

To keep up to date with my latest work, you can find me on http://www.facebook.com/paulrichardso…
The rest of my portfolio can be found on my website, http://www.paulrichardson.net

For the gear-heads, I used a combination of Canon 6D, 7D and 5D3 cameras with a selection of L lenses. The motion control shots were all powered by an emotimo.

If you would like to get in touch, you can contact me at paul@agour.co.uk

The music is ‘All Or Nothing’ by Reaktor Productions.


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